Better Know A Ruby Thing: On The Use of Private Methods

Noel Rappin writes thoughtfully about private methods. I actually approach writing classes in the opposite way that he does, and I also do it because of past experience. I currently work on a smallish team, but I used to work on a team that had ~200 engineers committing to the same monolith. Effectively, the cost of writing public-by-default methods was essentially the same as maintaining a library: It wasn’t clear to me who would use my class, when, or how. My approach is private-by-default: Make the API as small as possible.

If, in fact, there is a future need to re-use some abstraction that is currently used in a private method, I am happy to refactor later and make that functionality available purposefully.

Inline RBS type declaration

Experimental syntax, but this mode of type declarations are something I can get on board with!

Since it’s using #:: and # @rbs as special comments, they can probably be recognized by syntax highlighters and other tooling.

Lesser Known Rails Helpers to Write Cleaner View Code

I’ve been writing Rails for over 12 years, and some of these are new to me! I wonder if I’ll remember that they exist next time I have opportunity to use them!