Why PostgreSQL Is the Bedrock for the Future of Data

The take is not exactly surprising, since Timescale is all-in on Postgres, and the last part of the article feels a bit like an ad. That said, Postgres is fantastic and getting better with each release.

Free Yourself, Build the Future, Embrace PostgreSQL

Why, after 6 years, I’m over GraphQL

Well reasoned critique of GraphQL, with practical examples of the issues of working with GraphQL. Instead, the author wants to keep the strict typing, but go back to REST endpoints.

(Bi)Temporal Tables, PostgreSQL and SQL Standard

This is exciting! The article says that temporal support (and later bi-temporal support) is coming natively to Postgres! That is welcome news! I am excited to learn how will temporal modeling be supported and how can Rails (and other) frameworks can take advantage of it.