YJIT is juicy!

I’ve seen some recent post on social media about the great performance of Ruby + YJIT. It’s time to give a try!.

I got it working locally with asdf:

$ asdf install rust 1.72.1
$ export ASDF_RUST_VERSION=1.72.1
$ export RUBY_CONFIGURE_OPTS=--enable-yjit

$ asdf install ruby 3.2.1
$ asdf shell ruby 3.2.1
$ ruby --yjit -v
ruby 3.2.1 (2023-02-08 revision 31819e82c8) +YJIT [arm64-darwin22]

Why You Might Not Want to Run Rails App:update

The author points out that rails app:update should be use with caution, because it might make unwanted changes to your application or remove manually added configuration. Fair enough. What I don’t understand is the remedy: not to use it! That is what version control is for! I’ve upgraded multiple apps, multiple times using rails app:update. In every case, before committing the changes to version control I inspect each one and make an informed decision if I want to keep them or not.