Making A Network Call: Mitigate The Risk

Nate Berkopec, well knows for his Ruby/Rails performance work, writes some good advice to mitigating the performance risk of making network calls: Make calls whenever possible in background jobs, set aggressive network timeouts, and use circuit breakers to fail fast when you detect a system is misbehaving.

I’m not saying this is easy, I’m saying it’s necessary.

Makefile Tutorial By Example

make is tried and true technology. I don’t write Makefiles often. When I do, having a mental model of how make treats dependencies helps make the whole enterprise more efficient and enjoyable. This guide has plenty of material to get you started.

Pure sh Bible

Very ingenious collection of recipes for sh, that avoid using new processes. Some of the syntax is clever, but terrifying to read. Case in point:

trim_string() {

    printf '%s\n' "$trim"