Just Use Postgres for Everything

Complexity can be reduced by having less dependencies and systems. Postgres is a fantastic technology, and getting better with every release. I’ve been doing what this article advocates for years: Using Postgres by default (e.g. JSON storage, back a job queue, full-text search), and only moving away when needed.

SQLite’s automatic indexes

Preetam Jinka explains how SQLite handles join on un-indexed fields: It creates a temporary index! This saves postgres from having to implement hash joins.

What I learned from pairing by default

Eve Ragins talks about what he learned when pairing by default. I’ve done a fair amount of pairing, but my sweet spot is no more than 2 or 3 hours a day. After that it becomes to tiresome. There is some exploratory work that I also rather do by myself, to avoid having to talk through everything I am thinking.