Signing Git Commits with Your SSH Key

SSH keys are more common than GPG keys, by far. I don’t know many developers that have GPG keys, but all of them have SSH keys, if only to use GitHub. However, the support for the signatures seems a bit rough at the moment.

Transactionally Staged Job Drains in Postgres

The article explains well how background jobs that run outside of a db transaction can have several categories or problems. However, job queues driven by relational databases sometimes don’t scale well, when compared to other queues. For example see DelayedJob, or Que vs Sidekiq. The article presents a pattern that keeps the transactionality, but regains much of the performance by using a staging table for jobs, which drains into the actual job queue that will do the work.

Understanding GenStage back-pressure mechanism

Really concise explanation of what the concept of back-pressure means in Elixir, and how it can prevent overflow and the capacity of the system being exceeded.