The UX on this Small Child Is Terrible

This is pretty funny. Reminds me of Introducing JIRA Jr. Project Tracking… for kids

In Defence of the Boring Web

I made the exact same decisions as the author to create this very website: Markdown source, a static site generator, little javascript (in my case none), and a minimalist theme. However, I don’t think boring is a good word. My dictionary defines it as:

not interesting; tedious: I’ve got a boring job in an office.

Instead, I would use a word that connotes tried-and-true, simple, adequate for the job. Reliable comes to mind.

On the Various OSS Fauna

I didn’t know about WikiFauna. I like the idea a lot: To outline the different roles that people can take to contribute to the project. I am not sure about fauna as a term, or that calling folks elves, cyclops, fairies, gnomes is useful at all.

Nate Berkopec does a great job in adapting the idea to OSS and correctly points out that most OSS is volunteer work: You decide your level of involvement.