Your Work Peak Is Earlier Than You Think

Long-form article about performance at work, and what it means as you age. Holding on to peak performance is impossible: Eventually you will loose it. You can continue finding meaning in the life and work as you age, but it probably means doing different things that you did before. The article also talks about fluid intelligence and crystallized intelligence. The former tends to be greater in younger people, the later in older people, as the accumulate knowledge and wisdom. You career should shift accordingly.

Embrace the Grind

This article explains how there are some things that are possible only when you dedicate effort for long periods of time, i.e. the grind. The author talks about curating a long list of bug tickets that seemed daunting, but was well worth the effort. In that same vein, I think that dedicating effort in learning new things is like that. For example, you might now know any SQL today. If you dedicate 20 minutes daily on lessons and exercises and increasing your understanding, in a year you will probably know more SQL than most developers.