Maximizing Developer Effectiveness

Effective developers need to have an environment that supports them. Effectiveness is highly correlated with short feedback loops, at different levels. These should be optimized so they are quick, simple and impactful for developers.

Context switching costs more than we give it credit for

Context switching is a productivity killer. Multi-tasking is a myth. Mayank Verma advocates for batching work, as a way to be more productive. I think that is a fine tactic. Strategically, the takeaway is that protecting your attention will make you more productive.

That’s not how 2FA works

Terence Eden illustrates why security is hard. Even “techbros” that are security-conscious enough to turn two-factor authentication (2FA) on, sometimes misunderstand what type of attack it protects against. In this example, the misunderstanding is that 2FA is designed to assure the server that you are really you. It doesn’t give you any assurances that the server is who it says it is.