The No-Code Delusion

Alex Hudson writes a post tackles the idea that soon, we will be able to produce software with significant functionality that doesn’t require coding. I agree with author’s conclusions: The goal is probably a pipe-dream that has been oversold. I’ll add that I’ve been the block a few times, and seen that software generated without change control quickly becomes unmaintainable. Back in the day, MS Access allowed power users to deal with data in a much better fashion than excel files. However, evolving them was very painful.

3 ways Webpack surprises web developers

I wish I had read Ross Kaffenberger’s post 2 or 3 months ago, when trying to use Webpack in a brand new Rails 6 application for the first time. I was especially confused how Webpack expects css dependency declarations in javascript.

A forty year career

In is an inspiring post by Will Larson, discusses career growth in software engineering. He divides the area of focus into Pace, People, Prestige, Profit, and Learning. Growth in different areas comes at different times. Like in finance, investing early brings compounding gains.