Datomic: Event Sourcing without the hassle

I’ve never used datomic, but I’ve seen many references to it, especially when reading about event sourcing. In this article, Val Waeselynck explains at length why Datomic is better suited to fix the pain of doing event sourcing with traditional databases. I found it very interesting, even if I am not doing any event sourcing or considering Datomic.


In this post, Tim Bray expands on what he thinks that industry is moving to, to address REST shortcopmings (e.g. latency, coupling, short life).

  • Winners: Messaging and Eventing, Orchestration, and Perssisten Connections.
  • Losers: GraphQL, and RPC.

Building SQL expressions with Sequel

Janko Marohnic compares the ruby libraries ActiveRecord to Sequel. They are not strictly equivalent, but I believe the comparison is fair because they both provide a way to interact with a database. I found Sequels syntax very appealing. Duly noted for future use.