Redis Streams and the Unified Log

In this article, @brandur writes about the unified log concept and how to use Redis streams (coming soon) to build a foundation for a unified log. He covers what a unified log is good for, compares it to Kafka and provides code examples that tie everything together. This is great quality writing. I highly recommend you read the other articles on his blog. They are worth it.

CLIs are reified UIs

This articles provides some perspective about CLIs vs GUIs. The author makes a convincing argument, that CLIs make the interaction with the computer clearer, because they are more visible. This brings easier interaction because of the ability of copy, pasting, editing and so on.

Brilliant Jerks in Engineering

Brendan Gregg breaks that the implications of having a brilliant at engineering team member that is also a jerk. He breaks down the jerkiness into selfless and selfish. The post is thorough and found myself nodding along to many of the described behaviors and the problems that they cause.