Karafka is a framework used to simplify Apache Kafka based Ruby applications development. It looks like a Rails-like abstraction to remove some of the boilerplate and decisions around how to structure a Kafka application. I don’t know if it’s ready for production, but worth keeping an eye on it.

MiniTest is not “Just Ruby”, it is “Just Rails”

Victor Shepelev writes his opinion about RSpec and MiniTest and how the differ. I don’t subscribe to all the author’s opinions or conclusions, but I do prefer RSpec and I have never found the “It’s just Ruby” argument for MiniTest very convincing. If anything, I find that having a distinct shape, structure and feel for test is a net positive. It promotes shifting from “This is the part that specifies behavior” to “This is the part that implements behavior” in a cleaner way.

Be Kind

Being a good and kind person pays dividends. I love this story. You should read it.