A Critique of the CAP Theorem

Papers We Love San Diego is having their first meeting later this month, which unfortunately I won’t be able to attend. I was somewhat intimidated about reading Computer Science papers because of my lack of formal training, but Martin Kleppmann’s paper is very approachable. I found the paper very interesting and insightful and found that I was familiar with most of the concepts on which the paper is based. I’m looking forward to the next meeting.

How To Explain Zero-Knowledge Protocols To Your Children

A few hops away from a story in Hacker News, I found this whimsical introduction to Zero-Knowledge protocols, which I was ignorant of. If the topic piques your interested, read another introductory article.

Ten Rules For Negotiating a Job Offer

Salary negotiation can be uncomfortable. It’s a skill that we usually get to practice only once every few years. In the first part of a series, Haseeb gives out practical advice on how and why to negotiate your salary. I found the part about exploding offers particularly interesting. As it happens, I last year I received an exploding job offer that was good until the end of the day!. I played my cards pretty much as the author suggests: The company never relented. They would not give me any more time. I walked away without any regrets. That particular company’s high pressure tactics, more than anything else, tells me that I would not have been a good fit.