Is Your Postgres Query Starved for Memory?

In his usual thorough way, Pat Shoughnessy once again explores the internals of PostgreSQL. In this post, he explores how tweaking the configuration has dramatic effects on specific query performance, but doesn’t come for free.

I am a puts debuggerer

Aaron Patterson, aka tenderlove, knows ruby. He is both a ruby-core and a rails-core member and works on multiple other gems, like Nokogiri. In this post, he explores in depth several techniques he uses for debugging. Getting insight into a running program is a great skill to have. This article will surely teach you more than one trick.

The Zen Of Erlang

A great introduction to the Erlang (and by extension Elixir) philosophy on how to construct fault-tolerant, highly available systems. If you have never seen a line of Erlang, fear not: After reading this comprehensive article, you still won’t have.