Elixir in times of microservices

José Valim, creator of Elixir and Rails Core member, weighs in on microservices. He makes a great case on why Elixir, leveraging the Erlang VM makes it easier to work with distributed systems and imposes less up-front tradeoffs than the current trend of microservices communicating via JSON API.

Elegant APIs with JSON Schema

At work, I have been exploring how to work effectively with microservices on a Rails stack. JSON Schema, comes up often, especially, especially with all the tools open-sourced by Heroku/Interagent. The blog post by @brandur, is the best introduction to JSON Schema I have read so far.

Improved production stability with circuit breakers

The circuit breaker pattern provides a way for resiliency and stability when working with distributed systems. In this post, Heroku introduces their new Ruby library for implementing the pattern. I especially liked the idea of having a roll-out strategy introducing logging-only circuit breakers first. At the very end, they advise to tune timeout settings for underlying libraries. Don’t know how to do that? Check the Ultimate Guide To Timeouts In Ruby