Phoenix and Rails performance comparison

Benchmarks are always to be taken with a grain of salt: They think that they are measuring can be very far from the performance you are likely to see in production. Their usefulness is in informing our decisions about technology choices. I have been getting interested lately in Elixir and the Phoenix Framework and the results of this benchmark confirm my anecdotal experience: Phoenix, out of the gate, blows Rails out of the water. Very interesting considering that the code you write in Phoenix applications is very pleasant, like Rails. Developer happiness, right?

This Is Professionalism

This short post by Chris Doyle captures very succinctly what professionalism is: Autonomy, responsability and humilty. It resonated with me. As I mentioned before, excellence and professionalism in Software Engineering don’t require a medieval craftsmanship metaphor.

Designing a Secure REST (Web) API without OAuth

I have been doing a lot of research lately on API authentication and came across this article. It’s a bit rambling at times, but it’s filled with good information of what issues can arise with API authentication and was food for a lot of thought and further research.