Does Organization Matter?

Uncle Bob makes a useful analogy about code organization and physical organization of say, your desk or a library. Organization matter. Sometimes, all we need is a small amount of organization, sometimes we need the Dewy Decimal System

Why (and How) I Wrote My Academic Book in Plain Text

Most developers appreciate the benefits of plain text files since they play so well with other tools, like source control, grep, find, etc. W. Caleb McDaniel makes a great case for using plain text other than for programing code. In his case, he composes his academic writing in plain text and uses open source tools at the end to convert them to industry-standard proprietary formats. Awesome.

The Quality Wheel

A big part of effective communication is sharing the same terminology. It helps with context and allows us to be more specific. Jessitron proposes expanding our vocabulary around what “Quality Software” means. Instead of saying a piece of code is “good” or “clean”, how about it’s “configurable” and “readable”.