Better late, than never: Last November I attended RubyConf for the first time. This year it was in sunny San Diego, which I happen to call home.

This was my first time and I was really happy I went. I gather this was the biggest RubyConf yet, with attendance around 900 people. I had a really good time. I returned full of new ideas, which I guess that is the point of going to conferences in the first place.

I have heard often that the best part about Ruby is the community. After attending an event like this, I agree. Don’t get me wrong, I like the language itself and love it’s expressiveness. The community of people that write ruby gems, frameworks, organize conferences and prepare talks is amazing and what really sets Ruby appart from other languages I have used in the past.

The organizers did a great job: The venue and program where great. See you in San Antonio next year!