Leslie Ekas and Scott Will present a practical approach to Agile that balances the philosophy of the Agile Manifesto with the tools and techniques needed to navigate the roadblocks that those wishing to implement Agile encounter on a daily basis.

The authors are not shy about sharing their extensive experience building enterprise software. I found myself nodding along on more to one occasion while reading the many anecdotes from the field sprinkled throughout.

The book is well-organized. Each chapter is devoted to one of eleven techniques, which in turn is divided into principles, practices metrics and breakthroughs expected. Of course the authors save the bet for last: Continuous Improvement, wich is rightly presented as the bedrock of the Agile methodology. The constant drive for individuals, teams and organizations to constantly improve on their past performance is the essence of successful software development (and more broadly, I would argue, of any human endevour).

This work is a great addition to the bookshelf of team members or leaders just starting out or well on their way in their Agile adventure.